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Time, Water, and Boats

The passage of time was never meant to be

A happy thing,
A thing to be grateful for,

All it will bring to the darkened hearts
Is the mourning burden, the extra load on the boat,
The boat they will manipulate over foggy waters,

The boat will sway with the capricious waves
As the water tries to consume the beaten hearts
Once, twice, or even thrice, for eternity, or for just one
Second, one minute, or one life

The passage of time will make the boat sink
And then people will be swimming
Until they tire of the task,
And fade away into the murky waters

2 years ago
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A Sailor Song

The boat’s already sunk,
My doom just wading in the water,
Sing me one of your sailor songs,
And shush my consciousness to sleep,

The world sways as if I was drunk,
And all the things that mattered don’t
I don’t even remember any wrongs
Or rights, or even the death that awaits me deep,

I’m at that fun point of no return and no luck
I look towards days underwater and nights
Please, sing me one of your sailor songs,
So I can finally go to sweet, sweet sleep

2 years ago
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Made of Glass

She lived in a world made of glass
Filled with pretty things that were crystallized,
So many colors passed through the
Transparent passages,
Blank light turned into so many colors,
It was a colorful world,
Yet it was so dark too,

It was a lonely and dark world,
Made of glass
The color produced beautiful shadows
Etched into the glass walls of her dreams
Her hopes were always reflected in the glass,

She saw them everyday
She saw them while she was awake,
And while she was asleep,

She saw how slowly they deteriorated
Right before her glassen eyes,
She saw how the shadows became more
Emphasized than the colors produced in her
Glass world,

It was a lonely and dark world,
Made of glass,

If there was a way out,
She wondered,
Does my world have to crumble?
She asked herself earnestly

To escape such an unfortunate eternity
In a world
Made of glass,

What would she have to do?

2 years ago
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Two Doses

Flying freely
So freely
On a
Cloud of
No consciousness
The unconscious
It floats
So freely

Break from
The chains
Set by
Yourself and
Society’s standards
Fly freely
Above them
Drink a
Dose, just
A dose

And then
Take another
Just one
More dose
Dosage of

Forget, but
Never really
Laugh, but
Never really

2 years ago
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Three’s a Crowd

Bring your friends along
We’ll listen to the keys
All night long.

Until the day breaks,
We’ll enjoy the bleak scenery
Of this long-forgotten town.

If it’s been forgotten,
Will people notice,
When all its people turn rotten?

A crowd is needed for that,
And three’s a crowd,
Us three listening to the keys.

All we need are some lighters,
A gun or two, and some bullets,
We can create our very own limbo

In this long-forgotten town,
All we need for a crowd is three,
To bypass the eyes of the weary

Chaperoned by the eyes,
The eyes of someone who knows.
So bring your friends along

We’ll bring chaos to this town
All night long,
All we need is a crowd, and we have it.

2 years ago
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Do I Ever

Do I ever ponder
If my thoughts reach you
Over yonder,

Do I wish ever sweetly
To hold your hands
And to tie your tie neatly,

Do I ever dream every night
That we will see and hear and smile
One day, I hope we might

2 years ago
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She sits on a small throne
And wears a crown of leaves,

She resists temptation,
But urges creation

Of various tricky demons
And the fire that ensnares lovers,

She smiles silently and cries
She cries red, as she watches people die,

Only for them to rise again
From the dirt and ground, beautifully,

She holds a small lily and sings softly,
As she slowly watches the world turn madly

Let It Be

Let the flowers that bloom in spring
Die and fall onto the ground,
Let their corpses rot on the ground,
And be one with the ground once again,

Let their old ideas and burdens sink,
Let it be, let it be,
Let the old ideas be buried and forgotten,
Let new wisdom and expectations bloom in place,

Let the young buds learn from their mistakes,
Let them grow into exquisite flowers,
Let their new ideas flourish under rain or sun,
Let their roots be adamantly attached to the ground,

Let the gates to new opportunities open
The path to them filled with flowers on the sides,
Let the old things in the past sink away,
Let it be, let it be

2 years ago
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Red Shade

Small scissors in porcelain hand
A beautiful rose garden under the sky,
Now, heeding to the dark demand
To cut the flowers, to make them bloom dry,

Litter the ground with the irritating red,
Spot the ground with soft pinks, silent sadness,
The stem, dry it, dry it until it’s brown and dead,
Destroy the temporary beauty, the cruel madness,

The voices,
They will never go away,
You have choices,
But today’s not your day,

Pick up those scissors and begin to cut,
Words of love and hate will only fade,
Cut everything so your eyes will become shut,
To shield your eyes from your burning and hateful shade

2 years ago
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Will People Remember Me?

If I sailed the vast ocean,
Smelling the salt floating through air
The cerulean beauty burning in my eyes
The waves guiding me somewhere remote,
Far off,
Where no one can ever find me,

Will people remember me?

If I flew the mysterious skies
Whether it be day or night,
Able to feel myself falling upwards
Past the clouds and into the arms of the sun
Or moon, to touch them, to caress them,
To be burned away by their majestic beauties,

Will people remember me?

If I stood upon a prominent cliff
The great height immeasurable, but my loneliness
Is, I can measure it to infinity,
If I flew off this cliff and into the gates of capricious heaven,
Or down to the earth, into the sweet and unforgiving earth,
If I buried myself in either childish illusion,
If I let myself fade away like the green leaves in autumn,
And like the light in snowy winter,

Will people remember me?

2 years ago
Tagged: #poetry